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The information tab displays an easy overview of a site's credibility, using various sources summarized in a comprehensible scorecard.
Which mail servers does use? uses the mail server only which also , , and about a hundr...
Scorecard for
www.dmoz.orgListed in DMOZ- 
www.junkemailfilter.comHostKarma Negatives
www.projecthoneypot.orgProject Honeypot Negatives
www.projecthoneypot.orgProject Honeypot Positives PageRank-/10
www.spamhaus.orgSpamhaus Negatives-
www.sorbs.netSORBS Negatives
www.mywot.comMyWOT Negatives Safe Browsing
yandex.comYandex Safe Browsing
www.mywot.comMyWOT Positives1/5Good trustworthiness
www.alexa.comAlexa Ranking2/6Alexa rank:12199
www.junkemailfilter.comHostKarma Positives2/5whitelisted, old domain
www.robtex.comDomain Name ServiceN/A 
Grand total5-0=5


The summary displays data on what Internet Protocols a domain points to (A-records for IPv4, and AAAA-records for IPv6). It also contains information on name- and mail servers.

Which mail servers does use? uses the mail server only which also,, and about a hundred other use.

The mail server

There are more than hundred domains that use the mail server .

  • Most of those use only the mail server .
  • Eight of them use the two mail servers and together , hereafter referred to as "mail server group 1", .
  • One of them use the two name servers and together , hereafter referred to as "name server group 1", .
  • One of them point only to the IP number .

The two mail servers as and together

There are eight domains that use mail server group 1.

  • One of those point only to the IP number .
  • One of them use name server group 1 .
  • One of them point only to the IP number .
  • One of them point only to the IP number .


The oldest DNS info involved in this analysis were:
dnslast checked
dpi211.sep.gob.mxMon Aug 5 22:24:32 2013)
anunciopef2013.sep.gob.mxFri Sep 6 02:40:15 2013)
www.articulaciondelaeducacionbasica.sep.gob.mxMon Sep 16 01:12:28 2013)
controlinterno.sep.gob.mxSat Sep 21 04:15:40 2013)
mx.htmlrepuce.sep.gob.mxWed Sep 25 07:08:01 2013)
mx.sep.gob.mxMon Sep 30 02:23:23 2013)
galmague.sep.gob.mxSun Dec 29 19:15:49 2013)
wwwbecasmediassuperior.sep.gob.mxTue Jan 21 16:06:19 2014)
articulaciondelaeducacionbasica.sep.gob.mxTue Jan 21 16:06:31 2014)
www.anunciopef2013.sep.gob.mxMon Jan 27 20:35:52 2014)
registrpronabes.sep.gob.mxWed Jan 29 01:30:02 2014)


Displays various information related to AS, BGP, Routes and Location.
Base Record Preference Name IP Number Reverse Routes AS Location
repuse.sep.gob.mxMX10as.sep.gob.mx168.255.253.252as.sep.gob.mx168.255.0.0/16 Customer AXTEL LACNIC-ERX-168-255-0-0AS6503 Mexico, Mexico


The graph shows an easy to understand visual presentation of the different records associated with a domain


All the information you could ever need on what other domains are using the same nameservers, mailservers and other data.

Mail servers of (1 shown)


The IP numbers of the mail servers of (1 shown)


Domains using the same mailservers as (99 shown)


The PTR:s of the A-records of the mail servers of (1 shown)


Names of the mailservers of (1 shown)


The IP numbers of the PTR records of the IP numbers of the mail servers of (1 shown)



This section displays where we think the relevant servers are located. When possible we show both city and country.


We are currently testing out Disqus so you can share your findings about a specific hostname or domain.

comments powered by Disqus


Contact information for the domain. is dns contact for is dns contact for is dns contact for and mx


Complete whois information on the domain, including registrar information.


The blacklist table displays any potential databases where the domain might be listed due to suspicious behavior or other potentially harmful activities. Please note that a listing might not be evidence of malicious activity, and is merely an indication that a blacklisting exists. For additional information, please check the relevant database, pointed out in the table.


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