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posted by krisdanmarketing | Other Kitchen Appliances For Sale | P25000.00 | 0 post

Brand new, excellent condition, not even used hot induction cooker. Made in Japan. Original Price: P50,000 Now: P25,000 Specification: Model: Trio Cooktop Rated voltage: AC220V 60Hz Rated power: 2800W Outer dimension: 733x499x80 mm Weight: 9.1 kg
[ Alvano Trio Cooktop Hot Induction Cooker ]


posted by Mildred2074 | Food and Related Products For Sale | P11000.00 | 0 post

Model: TRIO COOKTOP Rated Voltage: AC220V 60Hz Rated Power: 2800W Outer Dimension: 733X499X80 mm Weight: 9.1 kg Model: ALVANO MICROWAVE Outside Dimensions: 310mm(H)x508mm(W)x426(D) Oven Cavity Dimensions: 214mm(H)x332mm(W)x346mm(D) Oven Capacity: 23 Litres Net Weight: Approx. 19 kg
[ Alvano Trio Cooktop and Alvano Microwave Oven ]

posted by chinocamacho | Cooking and Ovens For Sale | P5000.00 | 0 post

P5,000 Brand New Alvano Claypot Rice Cooker - top mounted thermostat provides accurate control of cooking/warming program. - 4 digit lcd display - claypot rice and porridge timing mode. - rounded bottom for maximum heat distribution and optimum cooking. - for rice/claypot rice/steam...
[ P5000 Brand New Alvano Claypot Rice Cooker ]

posted by Bahamutable | Water Dispensers and Purifiers For Sale | P6000.00 | 0 post

Alvano Ozone Sterilizer Specifications: 1. Model: AZ-Q1 2. Rated voltage, frequency: 220V 240V / 50Hz 60Hz 3. Rated input power: 10W 4. Washing capacity: 6L 5. Water capacity: 4L 6. N.W.: 2.2 kg 7. G.W.: 3.3 kg 8. Unit size: 341 x 312 x 285 mm 9....
[ Alvano Ozone Sterilizer ]

posted by RubyRosa314 | Kitchen For Sale | P8000.00 | 0 post

this was bought last 2010 w/n a bundle of 2 items, of course the microwave oven, a cooking set of pots and the portable air condition unit at about PHP52,000. slightly used, my pictures are proof that the item is still good as new. it can be used as a steamer, weight defrosting, microwave...
[ Alvano Grill Micro Intelligent Convection Steamer Oven-GMICS ]

posted by anarose25 | Kitchen For Sale | P40000.00 | 0 post

Brand New and Guaranteed Original Alvano Trio Cooktop! Hot Induction Cooker. Not used but tested once. Original price was P50,000. Now less 10k. Comes with an instruction manual. Specification: Model: TRIO COOKTOP Rated Voltage: AC220V 60Hz Rated Power: 2800W Outer Dimension:...
[ Brand New Alvano Trio Cooktop ]

posted by sutil28 | Cooking and Ovens For Sale | P11000.00 | 0 post

Note: For package P. 11, 000 (Induction ) - for pic up P. 9, 000 last price (location: Malinta) Meet up half way P. 9, 500. (Microwave oven) - for pic up P. 3, 000 (location: Malinta) Meet up half way P. 3, 500 Selling > Brand: Alvano Model: TRIO COOKTOP Rated Voltage: AC220V...
[ Induction And Microwave Oven ]

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